• I have known Natalie for as long as I can remember. She feels like a sister and is one of the most loyal friends a girl could ask for. All of that being said, I was THRILLED and HONORED to be a part of such an incredible LOVE STORY! Natalie and Raven poured th[...]

  • When your best friend (who also happens to be a Wedding Photographer) gets married, it is a special occasion. Don't get me wrong, when ANYONE gets married it is a special occasion, but to be able to capture such an important part of your BEST FRIENDS life, is [...]

  • These two have lived the Kodak-moment type commercials you see during the Olympics, literally. When Olympic athletes and love mix, you are bound to have those type of moments. These are all things I learned during Katy & Karens engagement session around Bo[...]

  • There are many miles in-between these two, and many more months for those miles to exist... As two members of the US Navy, they are used to being apart, and waiting what seems like forever to see one another face to face. Having previously been a part of the [...]