When these two came into my life, I had NO IDEA how EPIC my life would be because of them. It’s not every day that you meet a couple waiting in line for the Ladies Room on a random Sunday afternoon of… well let just say “FUN”. They just so happened to be in town for a friends wedding, and one thing lead to another, and shortly after speaking a single word to Kaylen I learned that she and the dashing young man who asked if she needed another drink, were engaged and their wedding date was quickly approaching. One thing lead to another, and I was confirming with her that she should feel like Best Friends with her wedding photographer, and that if they wanted to chat about options to give me a shout. A few days later, while totally convincing myself that there’s no way Kaylen actually remembered meeting me that FUN Sunday afternoon, I received an email from her, asking to meet. THE REST IS HISTORY!

A few other FUN facts about these two… they are UP for ANYTHING!!! The day we planned to photograph their engagement session, it POURED. HARD. On again, and off again, and I had no idea whether to call it or not. Kaylen said they were just going to come down, and we would play it by ear. They had already had an engagement session with their previous photographer, so it was mostly practice for me, I do believe, but I did want to get some EPIC photos of them too, so sort of “seal the deal” with them. I’m still blown away by the fun we had, and the sunset we were so blessed with!

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